Thompson Shuswap Senior Slopitch League


1. Thompson Shuswap Slo-Pitch League
It shall also be known as T.S.S.S.L

2. The purpose of the league:

(A) To promote the game of slo-pitch to seniors 55 years of age and over. Amended April 17, 2014 to: The age requirement for women be 45 years of age and over and for men be 50 years of age and over.

(B) To hold and arrange slo-pitch matches and competitions, and to offer and grant, or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions on the league level .

(C) To make, adopt, vary, and publish, rules and regulations, by-law and conditions, for regulation of said game, or otherwise, and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for enforcing of such regulations by-laws and conditions.

3. Dissolution

In the event of winding up or dissolution of the league, the liquidators appointed shall cause all assets of the league available for distribution to be transferred to an organization or organizations, situated in British Columbia and devoted to the advancement of similar or like objective of this league. Such organizations shall be chosen by a majority of all teams belonging to this league.
And the federal government’s new Horizon Program.
All equipment shall be turned over to the new Horizon Program.


1) Membership in this league shall be open to any team that is in the district of the Thompson Shuswap area.

2) District of Thompson Shuswap area takes in the following towns: Kamloops, Chase, Merritt, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and any town sites within these boundaries.

3) The Board of Directors shall consist of two players from each team, or a coach and a manager from each team.

4) The President, Vice President, Treasurer shall be elected for a 2 (two) year term.

5) The directors may meet together at such places as they think fit for the dispatch of business, and adjourn and otherwise regulate their meetings and proceedings, as they think fit.

6) The directors may from tine to time fix the quorum necessary for the transaction of business and unless so fixed the quorum shall be a majority of directors then in office.

Duties of Officers

1) The President is the chief executive officer of the league and shall preside at all meetings of the league and of the directors.

      a) Apply and enforce all by-laws and rules of the league.

    b) Appoint a member of the Board of Directors to all committees.

    c) Be responsible for the approval of all accounts, bills, or commitments against the league before payment, acceptance or delivery.

    d) watch over the assets and records of the league.

    e) Perform other acts and duties as may be incident to his (her) office and may properly be required of him (her) by the board or directors.

    f) Sign the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and may delegate any of his (her) duties that he (she) deems expedient.

2) The immediate Past President shall hold office from the date of his (her) retirement as president until the existing president retires. He shall:

    a) Be eligible to act on any committee.

    b) Be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

    c) Shall perform such other acts and duties as may be delegated him (her) by the President.

    d) And shall generally assist the President.

3) The vice president shall assist the president in the discharge of his (her) duties, and in the absence or disability of the
President, shall act in his (her) stead.

4) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounts and records of the league as in these By-Laws is provided and shall

    a) Keep such financial records, including books of account, as are necessary to comply with the by-laws of this league.

    b) Render financial statements to the directors, members, and New Horizons.

    c) Carry out policies formulated by the Board of Directors as required.

    d) Be responsible for the deposit of all receipts of cash and /or chequesin the bank or depository of the league and for drawing of cheques for paymentof the liabilities and expenditures of the league, such cheques shall be signed by any two of the president, treasurer or board member appointed.

Powers of the Board of Directors

1. The Board of Directors shall have the power to control the affairs of the league and may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as the league may exercise and do, which are not by these by-laws or by statute or otherwise lawfully directed or required to be exercised or done by the league in general meetings, but subject, nevertheless, to the provisions of:

    a) all laws affecting the league

    b) these By-laws and

    c) rules, not being inconsistent with these Bv-laws which are made from time to time by the league in general meeting.

2. No rule made by the league in general meeting invalidates a prior act of the directors that would have been valid if that rule had not been made.

3. The Board of Directors shall adopt and act upon the present rules, regulations and by-laws of the league unless and until the same shall have been duly altered or varied.

4. The Board of Directors may act notwithstanding any vacancy in their body.

5. The Board of Directors shall have the power to make rules and regulations governing all teams and players age limits.

6. The Board of Directors shall be entitled to be reimbursed for transportation, hotel and additional necessary expenses out of funds of the league as the Board of Directors may decide to be reasonable provided that the funds of the league permit.

7. The Board of Directors shall use total discretion on decisions regarding the expenditure of funds, and consider the best interest of the league and the game of slo-pitch.


The Board of Directors shall cause true accounts to be kept of all receipts, credits, payments and liabilities of the league and all other matters necessary for showing the true state and condition of the league and the accounts shall be kept in such books and in such a manner as the Board of Directors shall think fit and to the satisfaction of the federal government under the new Horizon Program.
The books and accounts shall be kept at such a place or places as the Board of Directors shall appoint and shall be open to the inspection of members of the league and the new horizon representative.

Alteration of The By-Laws

1. Amendments to the by-laws shall be made by recommendation only by members or by Directors.

2. By-laws may be enacted and by-laws repealed or amended by by-laws enacted at an annual meeting or an Extra-Ordinary general meeting called for that purpose by at least seventy-five [75] percent by all voting members at a general or Extra-Ordinary general meeting.