Thompson Shuswap Senior Slopitch League

Board of Directors meeting • January 4, 2018

Opening comments: Gordon welcomed everyone, thanked Brenda, Brian and Terry for their travels, reviewed the past year and asked for any new business. It was agreed each team would have 1 vote on items voted on.

Call to order

1. Length of season
Proposal: Season begins with a practice day on April 17 and the Ice Breaker on April 19 and the season will go until July 12. This is a minor change to last year's schedule. Your team's input will be appreciated.
Discussion took place, approved but Salmon Arm will not travel to the Loops for the extra time; they will play each other at their home fields

2. Proposed rule changes - none came forward

3. Any Other Business arising from the floor

1. league website
discussion on “advertising” for new players. We approved the League establish a website. This will be set up and any and all advertising we can get will be pursued with an eye toward economy

2. Ice Breaker
We will go back to old format, 8 teams, 2 games each, followed by a luncheon. Both Salmon Arm teams will have their own ice breaker

3. Less serious drop in for older players or folks who want to drop in
The meeting agreed to encourage players to take part on some days when field 4 was open. This info will be on the website when it is establihed and a schedule is known

Table Talk
Use of helmets and face masks will stay the same as last year unless the insurance or City requires them

Rayleigh fields
Those attending agreed to put the following forward at the General Meeting in April:
Rayleigh fields to be used for the Tailgate and year-end events; this should not cost much more, if any more, as we will cancel the Exhibition Fields for those days

Brock Centre to be approached about catering on site at Rayleigh

consistency is needed, yes tagging is permitted if not a forced play, players must be aware where they are for run byes

Brenda Shabbits - Sorrento
Ron MacRae - Outlaws
Mike Baldwin - Old Stars
Bill McGaw - Coffin Dodgers
Norio Sakakl - Coffin Dodgers
Janet Manuel - Blues
Edna Humphreys - Lil Beavers
Pam Turgeon - Silver Fox
Ben Spagnut - Expros
Gord Bell - Executive
Sally Cuthbertson - Executive
Harley Garrick - Executive
Dan Peters - Outlaws
Peter Hasbon - Blues
Brian Young - Almost Angels
Terry Buker - Vintage
Winnie Fyke