Thompson Shuswap Senior Slopitch League


NOTE: Use of the word “he” on this page is intended to include both masculine and feminine genders unless otherwise noted.

1. There will be a minimum of two (2) women on the field at all times. If you only field one (1) woman you will take an auto out and play only ten (10) players. You must substitute female for female and male for male base runners.

2. Bases are 65 ft unless the field is permanently set out otherwise.

3. Home plate plays will be “force plays” and a “line of no return” will be established 20 feet from home plate on the third base line.

4. Basic rules

      a) No base stealing.

      b) No metal cleats.

      c) The batter will be called out on third strike foul ball.

5. Scoring Line: a ten-foot scoring line shall extend from two (2) feet from the corner of home plate closest to third base into foul territory at a 90 degree angle to the third base foul line. The end of the scoring line farthest from home plate shall be marked by a line of sufficient length to be clearly visible to the runner attempting to score and to the umpire. A runner who has passed the 20-foot commitment line but not reached the scoring line shall be declared out if:

      a) Touched by a ball in the possession of a defensive player.

      b) A defensive player in possession of the ball touches home plate.

6. The batter is out if:

      a) He bats illegally (bats out of turn).

      b) He hits a ball with an illegal bat.

      c) If he (men only) bunts or chops the ball deliberately downward (either fair or foul). Women are allowed to bunt.

      d) He has three strikes.

      e) He hits one foul after two strikes. Ball is alive if caught in the air in foul territory.

      f) He steps across the plate while swinging the bat at the ball.

      g) He intentionally interferes with the catcher attempting a play.

      h) Any member of his team interfers with a fielder attempting a play.

      i) He hits a fair fly ball, not including a line drive, that an infielder can catch with ordinary effort, with a runner on first and second, or on first, second and third, with less than two outs.

      j) He hits a fly ball that is legally caught.

      k) He carries his bat and reaches first base and beyond.

7. Bats greater than 1.20 are not allowed in the league. Aplayer caught using a bat greater than 1.20 will be suspended from play.

8. We will play with the same balls as provided to the teams for the past three years and they are the only balls to be used in the games.

9. Pitcher’s masks are not mandatory.

10. All outfielders will remain behind the burn line for all batters. The rover is an infielder.

11. All players must make it to first base before getting a courtesy runner.